On The Issues



  State Economic and Business regulations restrict job growth in Missouri, we need to deregulate our economy and relieve legislative burdens on businesses to help Missourians. In the Senate, I’ll work with local business leaders to reduce burdensome regulations and work to reduce tax burdens to attract new businesses and more jobs to our community.



  Transportation in Missouri is more than just Highways Missouri needs to move in the direction of privatization and deregulation of the Transportation Industry. Jefferson City politicians talk and talk about transportation, but nothing ever changes. I’ll fight to make real reforms to our transportation funding to make sure that Missouri has a fully operational transportation industry free of burdensome regulations.



  As a father of a son with autism, who attends public school, I know firsthand that our education system needs help. Our public-school system in Missouri needs to be restructured, to allow more local control over education.



  Our taxes are too high and too complicated. It’s hurting our families and it’s driving jobs out of our state. We need to reform our tax system in Missouri, cut taxes, abolish our state income tax, and repeal real estate and property taxes to unleash more economic growth and reduce the burden on hard working families and Missourians.


Health Care

  The Affordable Care Act did not solve the problems that many Missourians face with health care affordability and access. For many families, it made things worse. As a father of a special needs child, I understand the importance of what reliable and affordable health care means to all families. I will work tirelessly every day in the Senate to restore health care freedom in Missouri. without increasing the heavy-handed role of Missouri or federal government bureaucracy.