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  • Springfield, Missouri—January 29, 2018(Jan 25, 2018) “State Legislatures around the country could benefit from having some Libertarians in the mix, because they are able to set aside the partisan bickering to actually find solutions. I’m pleased to see that Cecil Ince is running for the Missouri State Senate, and hope that he joins me as […]

  • Springfield, Missouri—January 19, 2018ProclamationWHEREAS:                           THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY PLATFORM ADOPTED BY CONVENTION ON MAY 2016 STATES, “1.0 PERSONAL LIBERTY: Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and must accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make. Our support of an individual’s right to make choices in life does not mean that we […]

  • Springfield, Missouri—January 19, 2018Dear Alison Foxall,Allow me to first thank you for stepping up as the Libertarian Party candidate for the Special Election for Florida House of Representatives District 72. It’s important that we, as a party, run more candidates in these special elections.I understand that you are currently campaigning tirelessly to GOTV. You prove […]

  • Ince2020 Springfield, Missouri—January 11, 2018(January 8, 2018 – Springfield, MO.)Today make a memorial occasion in my political aspirations. Today I filed a candidate committee with the Federal Ethics Commission, Cecil Ince 2020. Once again I will be seeking the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination in 2020. I appreciate your continued support as I seek election to […]

  • Official Announcement of Candidacy Springfield, Missouri—January 11, 2018(January 8, 2018 – Springfield, Missouri)On January 20th the Libertarian Party of Greene County will be holding it’s 2018 County Convention. At which time, Cecil Ince will be announcing his 2018 Candidacy for Missouri State Senate District 30. In addition, Cecil Ince is launching petitioning efforts to get […]

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